Wednesday, February 18, 2015
Dragon Blade

It was a last minute decision to watch the only possible great movie at this moment. Watching a Jackie Chan movie has never gone wrong. It has always been a tale to be told....

In my humble opinion, the movie has made quite a surprising tale. All this while, we were indoctrinated by the West that heroes were born white. (My apologies, I didn't mean it in a bad way) But, this movie has made Huo An as the person that brought peace back to the famous Silk Road from notorious Roman invasion.

Frankly, it was not because of the people or the story line that intrigued me. From the beginning to the end, the movie has delivered a whisper of peace, friendship, trust and honour among men with different history and stories. It has showed men that leads through sound examples could drive followers to believe in a better path of happiness and a reason worth fighting for. I would say, the message has definitely touched my sense and my mind; thinking that there are always other ways to achieve an objective without stepping on others toes.

My lesson learnt: Peace is not just a word. It requires strength and stamina to uphold the word itself. It requires sound minds and utmost faith that peace could be the way out of misery, not through violence, deceit and vengeance.

A free promotion of peace screened at your nearest cinema. Listen, watch and understand that peace is not just a word... (^_^)v
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