Monday, October 26, 2009
I've found something!! If you know me earlier... you would think that i've gone crazy... How can i explain??! I'll show you - in my own way.

Hana Kimi - a comic series that is famous among Japanese youngsters. Currently - comic readers all over the world.

Introducing : Ashiya Mizuki - a japanese teenage girl residing in USA.
She had one dream. To meet face to face with her high jumper idol. The only one that gives her inspiration and true admiration. At last her dream came true. He came to one of the sports training camp in US. While on her way to see her high jumper idol, she was kidnapped by a group of thugs. I don't know how or why... Her idol came running saving her that night.

Intoducing : Sano Izumi - the coolest guy that can make a high jump looks sexy... I mean it.. I'm not kidding!
However, Sano could not escape the thugs, he was attacked and got injured.
In short - he was not himself since then.

The real Sano - handsome and cool guy.
In order to save her idol, Ashiya puts aside her selfishness and disguises herself as a boy (a pretty one), flew all the way to Japan and enrolls herself as a 'student transfer' to the all boys school called Osaka High. Main criteria to join in : Looks.. looks.. and looks..

What I love the most bout this series.. There are lots of fun/funny characters and funny incidents. Comics.... what would you expect?

Namba-sampei : the adorable but bezerk Dorm 2 leader. Kayashima : Mystique guy.

THE KISSING MONSTER scene with Kagurazaka

Natsuko surprised himself as he's involve in a love triangle and believes he's truly gay.

The love triangle

Inspecting Ashiya's upper body muscles.. I'm not lying... ok..
Outcome= Ashiya has no upper body muscles.. hehe..

What i like the most is Natsuko's humor, genuinely funny expressions and at the same time... he understands what love means.. He totally gets it!!!
One and half day spent in bubbles and laughter.
Neither too young or too old to be able to watch this.
Thumbs up!

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